"I also find myself experiencing that same sense of wide-open space that accompanies the quiet moments of bands like Sigur Ros"

                              - from The Equal Ground review of The Quiet Landscape (2013)

Welcome to the site of Brendan J Boyd,comic book creator, writer, visual artist, musician & photographer

His comic work, (initially self published), led to his work appearing in a variety of magazines and graphic novels (including the Tango Collection - Allen & Unwin 2009, Australian War Stories & Issue One).   His diverse range of work has included stories about romance, humour, cancer and   semi auto-bio works 

As an illustrator he has collaborated with Don Walker (Cold Chisel) interpreting 3 Don Walker songs and 1 Cold Chisel song as comic book stories.   The full collection appears in the graphic novel "Montage" (released in July 2012), along with other stories. It is available in limited release (see online store for more details)

He has also been a co-curator of and exhibited in a variety of exhibitions

Musically, although he had previously collaborated with Ritsuko Dalton (E-type Jazz) on the song Lovely Eyes and his song Midnight Train had been recorded by Stuart Hale.  

Heartland (2008)  was the start of his journey into solo recording and exploring ambient, cinematic soundscapes.  This haunting soundtrack was designed to evoke a sense of isolation, solitude and the outback, primarily through the use of minimalist guitar sounds, keyboards and effects

Since then he has released multiple albums & EP's,  specialising in instrumental, ambient, chill-out and cinematic soundscapes.  His music has been used for documentaries by award winning photographer Randy Larcombe, Surface2Air and also for En Route/One Step at a Time Like This

His recent album of ambient works titled The Lightness has been described as"an aural journey into textured soundscapes"

At the moment he has retired from the graphic novel scene to focus on variety of musical projects  

He has been working on some remix projects, a new guitar based album (due mid-late 2014) and is part of the Ambient Karma project, where he will collaborate with US based ambient musician Karl Verkade

His music also appears at  Sound Introversion Radio  (http://www.soundintroversion.com) as part of the 2014 Adelaide Festival